Demo Reel!

BixPix Demo Reel!

Long edit of my favorite tests made during my time at BixPix (some clips are included in Demo Reel above).

Includes walk/ run cycles, lip syncs, and various acting exercises! 

note: audio clips may be missing because they are from the unreleased season 4 of Tumble Leaf


Ice Skating Animation!

Paper cut out animation, Drawn in ToonBoom, printed, Cut out, and animated on a painted canvas 

Christine Puppet Tests!

(Yes, I made a puppet of myself)

Weight shift to the side, and short dialogue tests. AND some in progress images when I was making my puppet!


Quaker Oats Commercial!

Series of stop motion commercials for Quaker Oats

Credits: Fabrication (so many oats...)


2D puppet work in ToonBoom Harmony and Animate/ Flash

Animated Gifs