Stop Motion Animation Demo Reel

2D Animation Demo Reel

Aardman Demo Reel!

Here is some of my work from my three month character animation training at Aardman in Bristol UK

I studied under Aardman directors and animators, improving my stop motion technique!

Note: I did NOT make the armature puppets, but i DID sculpt a pretty cool Plasticine turkey, as you will see..

BixPix Demo Reel!

Long edit of my favorite tests made during my time at BixPix (some clips are included in Demo Reel above).

Includes walk/ run cycles, lip syncs, and various acting exercises! 

note: audio clips may be missing because they are from the unreleased season 4 of Tumble Leaf


Ice Skating Animation!

Paper cut out animation, Drawn in ToonBoom, printed, Cut out, and animated on a painted canvas 

Christine Puppet Tests!

(Yes, I made a puppet of myself)

Weight shift to the side, and short dialogue tests. AND some in progress images when I was making my puppet!


2D puppet work in ToonBoom Harmony and Animate/ Flash

Animated Gifs